Why Peregrine?


Simply put, no one is more efficient than Peregrine. Peregrine provides the strictest quality assurance and control oversight when it comes to data collection. Every effort is made to assure our clients that the data collected at each XY coordinate is representative of that site.


The factors that can potentially influence your geochemical data cannot be underestimated. Soil type, temperature, moisture content, disturbed and/or contaminated soil are just a few. Though confounding factors cannot always be completely eliminated, expertise and diligence in the field minimize uncertainty in data interpretation.


Peregrine has completed more than two hundred projects in thirty three countries in the last fifteen years. Add to this nine years of previous geochemical experience, and it is easy to see that Peregrine has far more experience in the collection of geochemical data than any other company. From the Arctic in winter to the Amazon Basin, the Middle Eastern deserts to the South China Sea, Peregrine has seen it all. We’ve provided full logistics for unsupported wildcatting in remote areas, worked alongside sensitive 3D seismic programs, and opened old 2D lines to help take a new look at partially explored areas and areas with poor seismic resolution.